Ergonomics Working Group

DoD Ergonomics Conference Albuquerque, New Mexico, 12-13 August 2003

The 6th Annual Force Health Protection Conference, 11-17 August, included a 2-day Ergonomics Track, hosted by the DoD Ergonomics Working Group. This track served as the Annual DoD Ergonomics Conference for DoD, Federal, industry, and university safety and health personnel.

The Ergonomics Track provided practical, user-friendly information on program development; organizational culture and change; metrics; program implementation and management; best practices; self assessments; cost benefit and return on investments; marketing and communication; ergonomic assessment tools, products and intranet programs; workstation design; and research initiatives. Papers presented on these topics are available for download.


Baseline Assessment/Swim Lane Diagrams – Ms. Helen Burch
This presentation is not currently available.

Evaluating Ergo Products – Ms. Mindy Smith – New Office Chairs