Ergonomics Working Group

Engine Rebuild Facility Ergonomic Hazard Assessment Fort Carson, CO

The Directorate of Logistics at Fort Carson requested an evaluation of potential ergonomic hazards in their Engine Rebuild Facility. Tasks in this area require repetitive motions, forceful hand exertions, prolonged standing, and non-neutral wrist and whole body postures. Injuries have already occurred. Most notably, one of the employees in the Engine Rebuild Facility had to have carpal tunnel release surgery.

The U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine ergonomic evaluation team was impressed with the motivation, interest, and commitment of the employees and the Commander of the Directorate of Logistics at Fort Carson.

The evaluation team identified specific ergonomic hazards in the Engine Rebuild Facility. These hazards can contribute to cumulative trauma disorders, resulting in decreased productivity, increased errors, lost work time, and increased costs. Below are the evaluation team’s findings and recommendations.

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