Ergonomics Working Group

Policy & Standards

DoD Policy

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DoD Safety and Occupational Health (SOH) Program,DoD Instruction 6055.1

Establishes ergonomic program requirements and procedures (see page 37) within the DoD. Includes ergo-related definitions (see page 9) and ergonomics risk assessment codes (RACs) (see page 39).

Air Force Policy

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The Interim Ergonomics Policy (March 6, 1998) has been rescinded.

Army Policy

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This revision, dated 22 July 2005, redefines preventive medicine and preventive medicine services and:

  • Implements DoDI 6055.1 policy and procedures for ergonomics.
  • Requires the addition of programs and services for ergonomics.

This revision, dated 15 August 2003:

  • Outlines the goals and requirements of an installation ergonomics program and addresses organizational involvement in preventing illnesses and injuries by eliminating or reducing occupational risk factors.
  • Discusses development of an ergonomics plan that focuses on the identification and control of improper workplace and work process design.
Navy Seal
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Navy Occupational Safety and Health Program Manual, OPNAVINST 5100.23G, Chapter 23, Ergonomics Program, 30 December 2005

The purpose of this manual is to affirm the NAVOSH program for all Navy personnel and implement the following DoD instructions: 6055.1, 6055.5, 6055.7, and 6055.11. Chapter 23 specifically addresses the establishment of an Ergonomics Program.