Ergonomics Working Group

Forging Ahead: Preventing Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders Chantilly, Virginia, 29-30 April 2002

The 2nd Annual DoD Ergonomics Conference, Forging Ahead – Preventing Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders, was jointly sponsored by the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences and the Department of Defense Ergonomics Working Group.

The information provided at the conference sessions was offered by high-level presenters, people considered ergonomics movers and shakers. The conference brought together DoD, OSHA, and AFL-CIO leadership coupled with world-class speakers from all the military services, the university system, and private industry. Topics ranged from the practical application of how good ergonomics is good economics to using risk management in an ergonomics program to vibration hazards to cost benefit application. Speaker presentations included:

Organizational Culture and Change.

  • Macro-Ergonomics – Dr. Hal Hendrick
  • Project Aegis – COL Val Rice
  • Voluntary Protection Program- Robert Barnikow
  • Dealing for Dollars: Convincing Managers That Good Ergonomics is Good Economics – Barbara Wright

Addressing Risk Factors for Musculoskeletal Disability – Dr. William Shaw

Practical Approach to Office Ergonomics – Barb Brooks

Computer/Electronic Accommodation Program and Section 508 – Dinah Cohen

Occupational Vibration Ergonomics – Donald Wasserman

Functional Capacity Evaluations – What Are They and How Can They Be Used – Dr. Andy Haig

A Successful Ergonomic Program – Guadalupe Gomez and Scott Bentley

The “How To’s” of Ergonomics in Industry – Dr. Michelle Robertson

Integrating Ergonomics and Problem Solving in Case Management for WMSDs – Dr. Michael Feuerstein

The Office Environment and Your Eyes- LCDR Kenneth Whitwell

Metrics and Cost

  • Performance measures – John Siebert
  • Cost justification – David Alexander
  • DOD cost benefit model – COL Mary Lopez
  • Practical Solutions for Improving Computer Workstations – Tamara James

How to Implement Ergonomics in Industry

  • Ergo at DRMS – Janet Hunn and Karen Bemus
  • DuPont program – Mike Wynn,
  • Tobyhanna Army Depot – Robert Barnikow

How to Implement Ergonomics in the Army

  • Letterkenny Army Depot – “No Pain Is Gain” – Cheryl Hines
  • Anniston Army Depot – Installation Ergonomics Programs – The “Real” Story – Sue Smith
  • Corps of Engineers – Robert Stout

How to Implement Ergonomics in the Air Force

  • Ergonomics in the Air Force: A Program Overview – Dr. Katharyn Grant
  • Upper Extremity WMSD – CPT James Ronyak
  • JR/PD Assessments – SSgt Karl Giese

How to Implement Ergonomics in the Navy

  • Overview of Navy Ergonomic Program – CMDR Don Hagen
  • Towards the Prevention of Low Back and Upper Extremity Disorders in the U.S. Marine Corps – Dr. Grant Huang
  • Return on Investment Calculations for Ergonomics Intervention – Cathy Rothwell, Mindy Smith, and Theresa L Stack

ACGIH TLV for Monotask Handwork – Dr. Tom Armstrong

Workers Compensation Program: A Primer – Richard Boylston

Risk Management: From a Safety Perspective – Melissa Bonds

Getting You Started with DOD Ergo tools – COL Mary Lopez

Investigating FECA Fraud – Michael Cohen

Identifying and Managing Crew Endurance: A tool to measure fatigue, stress and workload. – Dr. Antonio Carvalhais