Ergonomics Working Group

Health Hazard Assessments

Ergonomics Health Hazard Assessments fall within three subject areas:

General musculoskeletal HHAs evaluate injury risk associated with forceful muscular exertion, awkward posture, repetitive motion, contact stress and fatigue. Frequently these risk factors are encountered when handling loads and performing other physically demanding tasks. Evaluators strive to apply objective analysis methods to characterize risk and offer recommendations for mitigating risk and reducing injuries.

Vibration/Mechanical Shock HHAs are a specialty area that consist of applying objective methods to determine whether or not exposures exceed established threshold limits. These investigations include evaluating exposures confined to a specific region of the body such as when the upper extremity receives vibration when using a powered hand tool but may also include evaluating exposures to whole body vibration exposure such that delivered to operators of heavy equipment and military vehicles. At times assessments are requested for exposures to recoil from certain weapons.

Blast Overpressure HHAs are regularly requested to assess the potential risk of bodily injury from exposures to blasts from munitions such as mortars, rockets, and other explosives. These studies are conducted to ensure that injury risk is minimized for personnel exposed to blast during the performance of their duties.

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