Implementing the 3Rs Program

The foundation of the 3Rs (Recognize, Retreat, Report) Explosives Safety Education Program is a consistent, easily understood, and remembered safety message.  The 3Rs Program and message is the basis for education programs used to inform Soldiers, their families, civilian workers and the public of the hazards associated with munitions that may be encountered anywhere, particularly on Department of Defense installations.  

Soldiers and their families, regardless of whether they live on or off an installation, also benefit from learning the 3Rs.  Although the description of the 3Rs message may change slightly, given the subject matter or target audience, the base message (see below) is the same. Defense Explosives Safety Regulation (DESR)  6055.09 requires Department of Defense installations to establish an explosives safety education program, when appropriate.

To help disseminate the 3Rs message to military communities and the public, a variety of outreach materials have been developed that are appropriate for posting at access points to installations or ranges, distribution in “move in packages” for installation housing, and use at public events that the installation hosts.

The approved 3Rs Explosives Safety Education Program materials are downloadable from this website to allow local printing.  The website provides educators and safety specialists a toolbox of outreach materials.  The design of the 3Rs material allows users to make some modifications (e.g., add points of contact, use site-specific pictures), but the 3Rs materialโ€™s script is not to be changed.  The material, much of which is available in Spanish as well as English, was designed using recognized learning techniques, allowing it to be used anywhere and to be adaptable for differing activities.

3Rs of Explosives Safety