Military Spouses

Because military families often live on or near military installations, they are more likely to encounter munitions than the general public. Although installations post signs and restrict access to areas (e.g., operational and former live-fire ranges) where munitions are known to exist, munitions may be encountered anywhere. Parents should advise their children not to enter these areas for any reason. Parents should also ensure their children are familiar with and follow the 3Rs of explosives safety.

As a military spouse, it is important to be aware of and remind your family of the risks posed by entering operational ranges or other restricted areas. It is equally important to ensure they understand the dangers associated with moving, disturbing or touching munitions they may encounter, particularly with attempting to bring a munition home as a souvenir.

Should your family have a munition that has been kept as a souvenir or keepsake, please report it. The ammunition and explosive amnesty program allows you to call to have the item recovered without fear of penalty (see Amnesty Program Factsheet below). Help protect yourself, your family, friends and community by following the 3Rs of Explosives Safety.

3Rs of Explosives Safety