Off-roading in the desert, mountains and elsewhere is an activity that many people enjoy. However, most people are unaware of the potential dangers they may encounter while off-roading on or near military training areas or former battlegrounds. These activities can lead to an encounter with a munition that, depending on your actions, can prove deadly.

Areas where munitions are known or suspected to be present are often marked with warning signs that advise of the potential hazards, and provide instructions (e.g., remain on established trails) for the areaโ€™s safe use. The best way to avoid injury or death is to stay out of areas marked with warning signs. By doing so, you will avoid most areas known or suspected to contain munitions. It is your responsibility to ride only in designated areas.

Never approach, touch, move or disturb a munition; even old munitions such as cannon balls can, if disturbed, injure or kill. Touching, moving or disturbing a munition in any way may cause it to explode, injuring or killing anyone in the immediate area.

Make your off-roading adventures safe from explosive hazards and help protect yourself, your friends and others by staying out of areas marked with warning signs and following the 3Rs of Explosives Safety.

3Rs of Explosives Safety