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Naval Civil Engineer Corps Officers School Environmental Training

Environmental Protection for PWO Level I

Course Description

Online ECATTS Course ( This Course was developed and required for Level I Civil Engineer Corps Public Works Officers (only). 

Modules include: Overview of DON Integrated Environmental Programs; NEPA; Air Quality, Water Quality; Stormwater; Wetlands; Drinking Water; Wastewater; Hazardous Materials Management; Hazardous Waste Management; Solid Waste; Storage Tank Management; Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures; Petroleum Oils and Lubricants Management; Natural and Cultural Resources; Pesticides, PCB Management; Asbestos; Lead-based Pain, Building Construction, Demolition or Renovation; Recycling; and Affirmative Procurement/Green Procurement. 

To Access the Environmental Protection for Level I PWO, click on the link below for instructions.