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Naval Civil Engineer Corps Officers School Environmental Training

Natural Resources Management & Compliance

Course Description

This course offers instruction in specific natural resource laws, regulations, policies, Executive Orders, DOD Instructions, and other guidance, noting Service-specific requirements.

Practical exercise, half day tour of a DOD or Coast Guard natural resource site and guest speakers are included.

It is a 4 day course 0800 – 1700 everyday (Do Not Plan To Leave Early).

This course is approved by the Inter-Service Environmental Education Review Board (ISEERB). There are no tuition costs for this course.

CIN: A-4A-0087

Personnel Eligible

It is recommended that this course be taken by: Primary duty (Natural and Cultural Resource Managers and personnel, environmental lawyers (or lawyers in that capacity), Civil Works Natural Resource Managers (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers), Natural Resources Law Enforcement personnel, and environmental staffs.); collateral duty personnel (that are non-natural resources specialists responsible for natural resources management and compliance with Federal laws and DOD policy); and personnel having a direct or indirect impact on natural resources during the performance of their duties.

This course is specifically required for Navy personnel positions listed under OPNAV 5090.1 (series).

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Course Offerings

Offering CDP Start Date End Date Course Location
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