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Naval Civil Engineer Corps Officers School Environmental Training

Civil Engineer Corps Officers School Environmental Training Courses

eNTRS (student registration) is in full effect for all courses.

See the “eNTRS Guides” to set up and manage an eNTRS account. If you do not have a CAC card, DOD ID or unable to set up an eNTRS account, please contact with the subject titled the “course name, CIN, and CDP”. And in the content the date of class and any further information.

NOTE (September 2022): Once you have established an eNTRS account, use Chrome to access.    If you receive a “FORBIDDEN” error when attempting to login, use the back button and click “PROCEED TO LOGIN PAGE: again.   Should you still have issues accessing eNTRS or registering, contact the CECOS registrars at    Please do not direct your registration questions to the eNTRS “Help Desk.

CECOS Environmental Training Courses

The Environmental Training Division takes pride in offering relevant and quality training to our students.

When registering, please only use the “Course Registration” button found on each course page. Older registration forms you may have saved are obsolete.

We offer Instructor-led classroom courses, including courses offered by other service branches, in the following environmental categories:

We are one of two Navy training sites tasked to Implement the Navy Environmental Readiness Training System Plan (NTSP) for meeting training requirements outlined in Federal environmental regulations and OPNAVIST 5090.1(series).

The Navy, in conjunction with the other Services, has found that specific environmental education training courses offered by the Air Force, Army, and DLA meet the training requirements of the Navy. These courses are annotated as “Interservice” or ISEERB” (Interservice Environmental Education Review Board) courses.

U.S. Army Logistics University (ALU)

U.S. Army Environmental Center (USAEC)

U.S. Army Proponent Sponsored Engineer Corps Training (PROSPECT)

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service National Conservation Training Center

EPA Training Exchange

EPA National Enforcement Training Institute (NETI)

Air Force Institute of Technology