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Naval Civil Engineer Corps Officers School Environmental Training

Environmental Sampling Design & Data Quality Assurance

Course Description

This 5-day course is ISEERB approved and has been reviewed by subject matter experts from the ISEERB components and found suitable to all. This course stresses the connection between the DQO process and the management of quality assurance. Students will be completing exercises in the classroom using Visual Sample Plan (VSP) software on laptops provided to the students.

DQOs refers to a seven-step planning process developed by EPA to ensure that the type, quantity, and quality of environmental data used in decision making are appropriate for the intended application. Although the DQO process was developed as part of the Superfund remediation effort, the process can be applied to emergency response and industrial hygiene scenarios. This course introduces the student to the DQO process, reviews statistical concepts such as hypothesis testing, describes sampling strategies and, through the use of case studies and computer-based exercises, allows the student to apply the process to site remediation, emergency response, and industrial hygiene situations.

Managing environmental quality assurance describes how to develop, implement, and manage an environmental QA/QC program for field and laboratory sampling and testing.  This part of the curriculum consists of classroom lectures and group exercises.  Attention is given to updating students to new laws, policies, and laboratory practices that impact the development and implementation of a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP).  Laboratory issues are given more attention than field issues.  The management of a QA/QC program is given more attention than the analytical chemistry and statistics that are used to implement a QA/QC program.

This course is approved by the Interservice Environmental Education Review Board (ISEERB), the Naval Civil Engineering Corps Officers School (CECOS), the US Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine (USAFSAM), and it is accredited by the American Board of Industrial Hygienists (4.5 CEUs).

The course training objectives include:

  • Summarize project planning, implementation and assessment requirements for environmental cleanup site activities using the reference materials provided in the course materials.
  • Identify project design management practices for environmental cleanup sites using reference materials and checklists provided.  The reference materials and checklists are from EPA and DoD program documents.
  • Identify project implementation management practices for environmental cleanup sites using the reference materials provided.
  • Identify procedures to acquire technically and legally defensible data using practices to environmental clean-up projects.

CIN: A-4A-0119

Personnel Eligible

Primary target audience are Installation Restoration program personnel who collect or oversee the collection and analysis of environmental samples from uncontrolled hazardous waste sites.  Others who are encouraged to take the course include:

  • Quality Assurance Personnel
  • Environmental Scientists
  • Environmental Contract Officers Technical Representatives (COTR)
  • On-Scene Coordinators
  • Site Assessment Managers
  • Resource Conservation Recover Act (RCRA) Facility Managers
  • Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) Preparers, Reviewers
  • Environmental Project Team Members
  • Other personnel who plan, scope, review, and implement and assess site cleanup projects.

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Course Offerings

Offering CDP Start Date End Date Course Location
24010 19T1 22 - Jul - 24 26 - Jul - 24 Norfolk, VA