Naval Civil Engineer Corps Officers School Environmental Training

Munitions Response Site Management

Course Offerings

Offering No. CDP CIN N74 ENVIRONMENTAL TRAINING COURSES Start Date End Date Location
22010 66IT A-4A-0093 Munitions Response Site Management 23-Feb-22 25-Feb-22 Pearl Harbor, HI

Course Description

MEC exists on hundreds of thousands of acres of Navy property that may have once been used to manufacture, store, handle, develop and test, transship, or treat munitions. These sites may now be non-operational ranges, Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) property, or even acreage put to another use such as a housing area. As pressure mounts to remove MEC to allow for re-use, or to make a contaminated site safe for current use, Remedial Project Managers (RPMs) are faced with a new set of requirements, workers, equipment and technology, and an unprecedented level of scrutiny from Congress, the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Navy, as well as Federal and State regulators.

This full 3-day course is intended to give attendees the fundamentals they will need for munitions response projects, as well as a greater confidence in dealing with MEC contaminants, contractors, and project stakeholders.  The course is comprised of classroom instruction as well as practical exercises.  Topics include:

  • MEC basics such as how munitions are constructed and how they function
  • relevant environmental, DoD, and Navy regulations and policies
  • roles and responsibilities of agencies and contractors involved with MEC projects
  • the various types of detectors and how they function, and how their data is interpreted and used
  • key features of MEC quality assurance and quality control programs, including development of relevant data quality objectives
  • key elements of a MEC hazard communication/public involvement strategy

Personnel Eligible

Personnel who plan, scope or oversee response actions at sites containing munitions and explosives of concern (MEC). This includes Remedial Project Managers (RPMs), Remedial Technical Managers (RTMs), BRAC Environmental Coordinators (BECs), and Engineers in Charge (EICs). The course curriculum is designed for personnel who have at least six months experience and have attended an introductory environmental restoration course.

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