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Naval Civil Engineer Corps Officers School Environmental Training

Navy Environmental Restoration Program

Couse Description

The overarching goal of the Navy Environmental Restoration Program is to reduce risk to human health and the environment from past hazardous waste disposal operations at Navy and Marine Corps installations and restoration sites.

This full 3-day course presents discussions on budgetary, legal, technical and management tools necessary to effectively run an environmental restoration program. This course is presented as an overview of 14 topics critical to RPMs, BECs, and EICs being effective in their positions, focusing on ensuring remedial actions are protective, cost-effective, and achieve timely site closeout in accordance with Department of the Navy policy. NERP Topics provide instruction on: Human Health Risk Assessment, Ecological Risk Assessment, Environmental Background Analysis, Munitions Response Site Management, Environmental Negotiation & Risk Communication, CERCLA Legal Issues, Removal Actions, National Oil and Hazardous Pollution Contingency Plan (NCP), Optimizing Remedy Selection, and Environmental Data Quality Assurance. Students will also receive valuable insight with a 2 hour NAVFAC HQ update on key issues for the current fiscal year.

Attendees will be introduced to budgetary, legal, technical, and management skills necessary for RPMs, BECs, and EICs to complete their assignments and ensure remedial actions are protective of human health and the environment, cost-effective, and that a timely site closeout can be achieved in accordance with the policy of the Department of the Navy.

CIN: A-4A-0069

Personnel Eligible

Environmental Restoration Program RPMs, RTMs, BRAC Environmental Coordinators, and Navy personnel responsible for managing Navy Hazardous Waste Sites. DoD contractors, federal, state and local regulators are welcome by invitation on a space available basis.

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Course Offerings

Offering CDP Start Date End Date Course Location
TBD 3357 N/A N/A TBD
24010 3357 7 - May - 24 9 - May - 24 San Diego, CA
24020 3357 4 - Jun - 24 6 - Jun - 24 Jacksonville, FL