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The Department of Defense (DoD) Partners in Flight (PIF) program sustains and enhances the military testing, training, and safety mission through proactive, habitat-based management strategies that maintain healthy landscapes and training lands. DoD PIF representatives assist installation natural resources managers in improving monitoring and inventory, research and management, and education programs involving birds and their habitats. The DoD PIF Strategic Plan identifies actions that support and enhance the military mission while also working to secure bird populations. These actions can be incorporated into installation Integrated Natural Resources Management Plans and Bird/Animal Aircraft Strike Hazard plans. DoD PIF works beyond installation boundaries to facilitate cooperative partnerships, determine the current status of bird populations, and prevent the listing of additional birds as threatened or endangered. DoD PIF provides a scientific basis for maximizing the effectiveness of resource management, enhancing the biological integrity of DoD lands, and ensuring continued use of these lands to fulfill military training requirements.

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To request access to the new photo library, email Paul Block at paul.a.block6.civ@us.navy.mil and/or Chris Petersen at christopher.e.petersen4.civ@us.navy.mil. If you work outside of the DoD Components or Military Services, explain why you need to use the website’s photos. After requesting access, you will be sent an invitation email that will have a link for you to set up a free account to view the photo library.

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