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DoD Partners in Flight (DoD PIF)

DoD PIF Working Groups

DoD PIF has 8 permanent and 4 ad hoc working groups, each charged with addressing specific mission-centric issues. DoD PIF Representatives fulfill working group duties as each member has on-the-ground experience with the intricacies of managing natural resources, and supporting the military training and testing missions. Each working group is comprised of DoD PIF Representatives who possess specialized knowledge of migratory bird requirements within the subject of each working group, thus making each group uniquely qualified to provide technical assistance to DoD. Working group duties include:

  • Providing technical expertise on specific topics and answering technical questions
  • Developing topic-specific technical reports/deliverables
  • Attending annual meeting and quarterly conference calls and providing updates
  • Supporting the National and Technical Coordinators
  • Addressing Office of Secretary of Defense and Military Service priorities

Invasive and Nuisance Species
INRMP Guidance
NMFWA Bird Conservation