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DoD Partners in Flight (DoD PIF)

Subject Matter Expert Contact List

Category Contact
Northeast Bolsinger | McNaughton
Mid-Atlantic Rambo | Wright | Moyer
Southeast Bradshaw | Schultz
Midwest Keating
Northern Plains Keating
Southern Plains Keating
Rocky Mountains Cutler
Great Basin Warner
Pacific Northwest Kunz
Southwest Deserts Shepherd | Cutler
Alaska Neipert
Hawaii and Pacific Islands JuolaBurr
Category Contact
Grassland Management Keating | Joyce
Threatened & Endangered Species Fischer | Rubinoff
Forest Management Rambo | Schultz
Desert Management Shepherd | Warner-Great Basin
Habitat Management McNaughton
Invasive Species Bradshaw | Wright
Habitat Restoration Warner-Great Basin | Ferrer-Perez-Grasslands
Riparian Habitat Fischer | Moyer
Shoreline Management Fischer | Wright
Bird/Animal or Wildlife Aircraft
Strike Hazard
Block | Rambo
Airfield Management Joyce | Wright
Energy (Renewable (solar/wind/geothermal), Power Lines, Outdoor Lighting) Cutler | Walsh
Research Needs Fischer | Neipert
Inventory and Monitoring Fischer | Neipert
Climate Resilience and Adaptation Walsh | Wright
NEPA Guidance Fleming | Wright
INRMP Support Rubinoff | McNaughton
Prescribed Fire Keating-Great Plains | McNaughton-NE | Schultz-SE
Education and Outreach Schallman
            Annual Report Shepherd
            Social Media Ferrer-Perez
           Website Neipert
Mission-sensitive Species Fleming | Fischer
Avian Photos Block
Conservation Compliance Rubinoff
Eagle Rule Knight | Cutler
Category Contact
Shorebirds Neipert | Bradshaw
Waterfowl Bradshaw | Neipert
Secretive Marsh Birds Schallman
Passerines Fischer | Rambo | Bolsinger
Seabirds Schallman-West | Juola-Pacific Islands | Fleming- East
Waterbirds Bradshaw | Shepherd
Raptors Shepherd | Warner
Game Birds Neipert | Schultz

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