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Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP)

Environmental Security Technology Certification Program

The Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP) goal is to demonstrate and validate promising, innovative technologies that target the most urgent environmental needs of DoD. These technologies provide a return on investment through cost savings and improved efficiency. The current cost of environmental remediation and regulatory compliance in the Department is significant. Innovative technology offers the opportunity to reduce costs and environmental risks. ESTCP offers funding in the following four focus areas: Environmental Restoration, Munitions Management, Sustainable Infrastructure, and Weapons Systems and Platforms.

ESTCP’s strategy is to select lab-proven technologies with broad DoD and market application. These projects are aggressively moved to the field for rigorous trials that document their cost, performance, and market potential. Successful demonstration leads to acceptance of innovative technologies by DoD end-users and the regulatory community. To ensure that the demonstrated technologies have a real impact, ESTCP incorporates these players in the development and execution of each technology. ESTCP demonstrations:

  • Address real DoD environmental needs.
  • Significantly reduce costs and risks and expedite implementation.
  • Document and validate the cost and performance of new technologies for DoD end-users and the regulatory community.

The ESTCP Process ensures that approved technologies meet DoD environmental challenges through the following process:

  • DoD environmental requirements are specified.
  • ESTCP requests proposals.
  • Rigorous and expert scientific reviews are made.
  • Technologies are demonstrated and evaluated at DoD sites, in an operational setting.
  • Cost, cost avoidance, and performance data are verified and validated.
  • Effective and affordable technologies are transferred across DoD.
  • Regulatory approval and end-user acceptance are facilitated.

Environmental Challenges Are Overcome With Cost-Effective and Scientifically Proven Solutions.