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Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach


Seal: Naval Weapons Station, Seal Beach, CA
Seal: U.s. Fish and Wildlife Service


Red-Tailed Hawk photo by Bill Clark
Birds of NWS Seal Beach: Occurrence chart
Birds of NWS Seal Beach: Occurrence chart
Birds of NWS Seal Beach: Occurrence chart
Birds of NWS Seal Beach: Occurrence chart
Birds of NWS Seal Beach: Occurrence chart
Birds of NWS Seal Beach: Occurrence chart
Birds of NWS Seal Beach: Occurrence chart
Species Occurrence Legend


The Navy manages more than four million acres worldwide. Much of this land is located in sensitive wetlands along valuable coastlines, some of the most ecologically significant areas in the world. The location of our real estate holdings makes it imperative that we plan and execute our various military missions in harmony with our environment. It is a Department of the Navy goal to promote an environmental protection ethic within the Navy workforce.

The Department of the Navy supports numerous partnerships with other Federal, State, local and Ducks in waterprivate resource groups. Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Friends of Seal Beach, have joined forces to provide public viewing opportunities for these wetlands.

To succeed in its mission, and to earn public confidence, the Navy must emphasize natural resource stewardship in every aspect of its land use. It does. Come see for yourself and discover our resources.

Map: Naval Weapons Station, Seal Beach

Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach (WPNSTA) provides the essential Ordnance Link to the Pacific Fleet. Our mission: to provide ordnance, products and services to enable Naval forces to prevail in any challenge or conflict. Ordnance management, maintenance and technical support, dedicated personnel and strategic seaward proximity to the fleet make this possible.

WPNSTA Seal Beach maintains an active natural resources program on its 5000 acre site. Our long-term effort in maintaining a buffer zone between suburban areas and our mission operations has resulted in one of few large natural coastal areas in Southern California. Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge is managed cooperatively by the U. S. Navy and the U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS). The Refuge’s 1000 acres are a critical link in the chain of remaining coastal salt water marshes. These marshes have been designated part of the Southern California Coastal Wetland Complex of internationally important wetlands. WPNSTA also provides open field habitat for wildlife, and supports one of North America’s largest wintering populations of Red-tailed Hawks. Our Nature Center was jointly established by the Navy and the FWS. It provides a focal point for community activities such as tours for school groups and the general public. A large wildlife viewing platform overlooks the Refuge marsh.

Due to military operations, public access is limited to specially arranged events. For information, contact Public Affairs Office: 562-626-7215.

The U.S. Navy and Partners in Flight are cooperating on an international program to promote conservation of migratory birds. For information, contact DoD Partners in Flight by email or call 540-349-9662.