What Industries Does Explosives Safety Protect?



Incident 1

In 2013, two civilians (peddlers or scrappers) illegally collecting metal on an operational range in Texas were seriously injured when a grenade exploded.

Incident 2

In 2011, a crane operator in a scrap metal yard recognized there was a munition in the material he was processing. The operator immediately retreated from the area and reported what he saw to police.

About 3Rs Explosive Safety Education

Munitions that may be encountered during construction or other activities such as firefighting or commercial fishing, pose an explosives safety hazard and a risk of injury or death.  

  • For your protection and the protection of others, never:
    • Enter an operational range or areas known or suspected to contain munitions.
    • Approach, touch, move or disturb a munition or suspect munition.
    • Take a munition as a souvenir.
  • If you encounter or suspect you may have encountered a munition during an activity:
    • Stop work in the vicinity of the munition or suspect munition.
    • Visually scan the area for additional munitions; and
    • Do not move closer, but carefully leave the area the same way that you entered.
    • Mark the area, If possible, where munitions were encountered, but do not mark the munition itself.
    • Notify your supervisor or the police immediately.
  • Remember:
    • Munitions, whether intact or in fragments, present a potential explosive hazard.
    • If you did not drop it, do not disturb or pick it up!

when you may have encountered a munition and that munitions are dangerous.

do not approach, touch, move or disturb it, but carefully leave the area.

call 911 and advise the police of what you saw and where you saw it.