Naval Civil Engineer Corps Officers School Environmental Training

Ecological Risk Assessment

Course Offerings

Offering No. CDP CIN N74 ENVIRONMENTAL TRAINING COURSES Start Date End Date Location
23010 335V A-4A-0081 Ecological Risk Assessment 28-Mar-23 30-Mar-23 Virtual

Course Description

This course was developed in coordination with the Tri-Service ERA Group and is approved by the Interservice Environmental Education Review Board (ISEERB). Course instruction focuses on Ecological Risk Assessment (ERA) and its use in the Navy Environmental Restoration Program, including discussion on: ERA components; how risk managers and risk assessors determine requirements for site-specific ERA’s; performance and technical oversight of tasks of the ERA; how to estimate risk based on the results of the ERA and how the ERA fits within required regulatory processes such as RI/FS (CERCLA) and RFI/CMS (RCRA).

Plan on a full three days of instruction for this course.


Personnel Eligible

Target Audience: Personnel who plan, scope, or review ecological risk assessments or use findings or conclusions from ecological risks assessments in decision making. This includes Remedial Project Managers (RPMs), Remedial Technical Managers (RTMs), BRAC Environmental Coordinators (BECs), and Engineers in Charge (EICs). The course curriculum is designed primarily for personnel who have at least six months of environmental restoration experience or have attended an introductory environmental restoration course.

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