Defense International Environmental Program

Activities by Geographic AOR


The US - RSA Environmental Security Working Group 1997 - 2007: 10 Years of International Military Environmental Cooperation pdf [903 KB]

A Joint United States - Republic of South Africa Environmental Security Working Group Project. This report highlights the accomplishments and products created during the first 10 years of the Environmental Security Working Group's existence.


A long-term plan of Plenary Meetings, Informal Secretariat ppt [27 KB]
BALTDEC Basics, Nele Veski, MoD Estonia ppt [221 KB]
Buried Sea Mines - Threat to the Security of the Baltic Sea Region, Ministry of Defence, Republic of Latvia ppt [83 KB]
Discussion With Other Co-Operation Bodies (Inventory A and B), Informal Secretariat ppt [31 KB]
Environmental Co-Operation in Baltic Sea Region, Review of Finlands MoD, Antti Kivipelto pdf [3.44 MB]
Environmental Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region: Views of the Ministry of the Environment of Estonia, Andres Kratovit ppt [528 KB]
Implementation of Strategy Action, Informal Secretariat ppt [45 KB]
Noise calculation program and Norwegian - Latvian cooperation project at dai Training Field, Cdr SG Jon Ole Siggerud ppt [1.83 MB]
Nordic Armaments Co-operation - Janina Szpilman ppt [1.44 MB]
Strategic Environmental Assessment - Swedish Armed Forces ppt [375 KB]
Terms of Reference for the Informal Secretariat, Johan Appelberg, Ministry of Defence, Sweden ppt [61 KB]
Army Environmental Quality Technology 2002 Annual Report pdf [11.15 MB]
Memo on US Army Environmental Requirements and Technology Assessments (AERTA) high priority requirements pdf [779 KB]
Responding to Change: The US/German Environmental Technology Exchange Agreement pdf [6.20 MB]

Article by Raymond J. Fatz, Depy Asst. Secy of the Army, ESOH

Shared Challenges, Shares Successes pdf [9 KB]

The purpose for the environmental technology annexes is to provide a framework for the exchange of data on environmental research and technologies, address common environmental challenges, and produce innovative technology solutions for the benefit of both countries. Representatives to the DEA focus their efforts on resolving high-priority environmental needs and addressing current requirements by matching needs, expertise and resources where maximum benefit can be obtained. At regularly scheduled meetings, U.S. and German colleagues meet to share information, to evaluate the successes and lessons learned from the environmental technologies currently being demonstrated, and to consider new and innovative technologies for future demonstration projects. This provides the flexibility to adapt their efforts to focus on high-priority environmental needs and requirements as they change.


Estonian Report on Environ Issues pdf [135 KB]
Latvian Report on Environ Issues pdf [239 KB]
Lithuanian Report on Environ Issues pdf [174 KB]
Agenda 1998 Meeting on US-Nordic Environ Issues doc [25 KB]
US List of US-Nordic-Baltic Environ Issues doc [71 KB]
Russian Report on Environ Issues pdf [718 KB]
BALTDEC Basics 2005 pdf [718 KB]
Environmental Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region: Views of the Ministry of the Environment of Estonia pdf [598 KB]
Buried Sea Mines - Threat to the Security of the Baltic Sea Region pdf [98 KB]
Discussion with other Co-operation Bodies (Inventories A and B) pdf [16 KB]
Irma PM Plan pdf [10 KB]
Irma S Action pdf [23 KB]
Review of Finland's MoD pdf [3.44 MB]
Norwegian Presentation - Noisemapping pdf [9.14 MB]
Presentation Estland 2005 pdf [1.13 MB]
Strategic Environmental Assessments Presentation pdf [395 KB]


Environment and Security in an International Context pdf [579 KB]
Executive Summary Report-DL pdf [334 KB]
Executive Summary Report-FR pdf [334 KB]
Executive Summary Report-UK pdf [309 KB]
Pilot Study report-NATO Security Context pdf [500 KB]

12th Annual Partnership for Peace Environmental Conference

Agenda doc [149 KB]
Binder Cover ppt [237 KB]
European Structures ppt [49 KB]
NATO Review Spring 2004 - Taking NATOs partnerships forward doc [126 KB]
Additional Info ppt [10.92 MB]
Bill Nicholls ppt [1.50 MB]
Curtis Bowling ppt [1.44 MB]
Handout doc [37 KB]
Handout - DESC-F Facilities Management Directorate Funding Guidance doc [608 KB]
Partnering on Environmental Issues - Ginger Stones ppt [50 KB]
Partnering One-on-One - Michael Dawson ppt [55 KB]
Tab 1 - Welcome Introductory Remarks from USEUCOM - CAPTAIN Andrew Ritchie, PE ppt [3.29 MB]
Tab 4 - Natural Infrastructure Management - Part I: Lessons Learned - Ms. Maureen Koetz ppt [922 KB]
Tab 5 - Evolution of Air Force Environmental Protection - Thomas Russell, P.E. ppt [1.24 MB]
Tab 6 - USAFE Cleanup Program Update - Mr. Willi Ningelgen ppt [489 KB]
Tab 7 - Natural Infrastructure Management - Part II: Implementation - Lt Col Jeff Cornell ppt [2.93 MB]
Tab 8 - Participation of Romanian Oceanological Research in Black Sea Regional and International Co-Operation - Simion Nicolaev and Alexandru S. Bologa ppt [461 KB]
Tab 9 - Needs for Sustainable Development of the Black Sea Ecosystem - Dr.eng. Simion Nicolaev, Dr. Nicolae C. Papadopol ppt [3.88 MB]


Tab 10 - Regional Military Environmental Cooperation in the Caspian Basin and Central Asia - Professor B.F. Griffard ppt [4.42 MB]
Tab 11 - Environmental Update from Ukraine - Mitch Brown ppt [1.83 MB]
Tab 13 - River Basin Management and Restoration: An Ecosystem Perspective - Robert H. Kennedy ppt [4.02 MB]


Tab 14 - Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve ppt [36.53 MB]


Tab 15 - Ecological Restauration in the Danube Delta - Romanian Ministry of Environment and Water Management ppt [27.87 MB]


Tab 16 - Pollution Control and the Danube River - Dr. Mihaela Popovici ppt [4.18 MB]
Tab 18 - Welcome Introductory Remarks from USEUCOM - CAPTAIN Andrew Ritchie, PE ppt [503 KB]
Tab 20 - The Blackwater NWR Inundation Model Rising Sea Level on a Low-lying Coast: Land Use Planning for Wetlands - Curt Larsen GD ppt [37.57 MB]


Tab 21 - Civil-Military Cooperation in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness ppt [8.22 MB]


Tab 22 - Terrorist Attack - Environmental Implications ppt [5.52 MB]
Tab 23 - Some Developments in EU Environmental Legislation, and Potential Military Implications - Simon Taylor, ERM ppt [315 KB]
Tab 25 - Wetlands Construction as Mitigation - Michael C. Applegate ppt [829 KB]
Tab 26 - European Union and Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Requirements - Colonel Florea Surdu ppt [92 KB]
Tab 27 - The Environmental Romanian Experience in Implementing EMS in the Military Air Base Mihail Kogalniceanu - Lt.col eng. Vasile Badescu ppt [111 KB]
Tab 29 - The Riga Initiative ppt [168 KB]
Tab 30 - Environmental Security and International Cooperation in the Danube River Basin: Revisited - Steven Hearne ppt [11.42 MB]


Southeastern Europe Defense Ministerial Environmental Conference

April 11-13, 2000

SEDM Agenda pdf [23 KB]
Announcement pdf [19 KB]
Bio doc [71 KB]
Photo Gallery pdf [165 KB]
Speaker List pdf [20 KB]
Opportunities For Cooperation Through the State Partnership and Joint Contact Team Programs pdf [1.58 MB]

(Lt Col Gary Hendel)

Clean up Project at the Horten Channel pdf [461 KB]

(Mr. Harald Bjornstad)

Environmental Aspects of Military Equipment Life Cycle pdf [1.57 MB]

(Mr. Greg Marshall)

Environmental Hazardous Material Information Systems pdf [1.08 MB]

(Dr. Christina Rehm)

Environmental Status in the Slovene Army pdf [3.52 MB]

(Slovene Army)

Environment and Security: Examples in Central and Eastern Europe pdf [837 KB]

(Mr. Jernej Stritih)

ESOH Military Equipment Life Cycle pdf [3.58 MB]

(Mr. Craig Schilder)

Force Health Protection pdf [2.67 MB]

(Lt Col Rebecca L. Brown)

Integrating Safety and Occupational Health with Environmental Security pdf [3.27 MB]

(Mr. Craig Schilder)

Multipurpose Use of Lakes and Reservoirs pdf [821 KB]

(Ms. Alenka Sajn Slak / Professor Danijel Vrhovek)

Oil and Hazardous Substance Spill Mitigation and Response: A Key Element of Environmental Planning pdf [2.03 MB]

(Mr. Larry Koss)

Pollution Prevention and Environmental Management Systems pdf [1.90 MB]

(Mr. Greg Marshall)

Protection of Water Quality on U.S. Installations in Europe pdf [2.81 MB]

(Mr. James G. Spratt)

SEDM Breakout Session: Current Environmental Capabilities in the Military pdf [361 KB]

(Breakout Session)