DoD Partners in Flight (DoD PIF)

Miscellaneous Information

date unknown Walkinshaw. KW Journal pdf [2.77 MB]
date unknown USFWS. Cowbird Trap Sign pdf [39 KB]
2011 Bocetti. Remarks at MOU signing pdf [1.01 MB]
2011 Anon. Historical list of Kirtland's warbler Recovery Team Members 1975 to 2011 pdf [2.23 MB]
2010 Anon. American Forests' 2010 Global ReLeaf Projects pdf [66 KB]
2009 Sjogren. Multi-species Jack Pine and Barrens Mngmt on HNF PPT pdf [9.87 MB]
1999 Sjogren. Analysis of the Jack Pine Ecosystem and Potential KW Habitat within HNF pdf [57 KB]
1996 White. Kirtland's versus Yellow-throated Warbler (Birding) pdf [289 KB]
1991 Anon. House Concurrent Resolution No. 241 pdf [121 KB]
1989 various. Proceedings Kirtland's Warbler Symposium pdf [113.33 MB]
1985 Probst et al. Proposal to Study - Habitat Utilization pdf [89 KB]
1982 Huber. The KW an Annotated Bibliography pdf [15.25 MB]
1978 Aird and Hibbard. The Search for the KW in Canada (Search Kit) pdf [8.87 MB]
1976 USFS. Closure Order for KW Habitat Huron-Manistee pdf [244 KB]
1976 Kepler and Snyder Proposal for a Study of the Non-breeding Biology of KW pdf [5.91 MB]
1975 Jenkins. KW Nesting Area Closure Order (MDNR) pdf [48 KB]
1963 Mayfield. Transcription of Norman Wood Journal on Finding First KW Nest pdf [14.21 MB]
1961 Mayfield. KW Census Instructions (2nd Census) pdf [3.53 MB]
1904 Jones. Publications Received (Wilson Bulletin) pdf [623 KB]
1904 Allen. Recent Literature (The Auk) pdf [2.22 MB]
1903 Wood. Notes on Trips by Norman Wood - Discovery of KW (Journal) pdf [20.52 MB]
1892 Allen. Recent Literature pdf [1.11 MB]
1880 Allen. Recent Literature (Bulletin Nuttall) pdf [1.11 MB]