DoD Partners in Flight (DoD PIF)

Cooperative Agreements

date unknown. MDMA KW Policy Outlline (draft).pdf pdf [183 KB]
date unknown. Cooperative Agreement Between USFWS and USFS.pdf pdf [151 KB]
date unknown. Challenge Cost-Share Agreement between the OSU RF and USFS.pdf pdf [312 KB]
2010 USFWS-USFS-MDNRE. Memo of Understanding.pdf pdf [59 KB]
2010 KW Implementation Team. Developing a KW Memo of Agreement Briefing Document.pdf pdf [468 KB]
1998 MDMA. Synopsis.pdf pdf [44 KB]
1997 Wooley. USFWS (to MDMA) Biological Opinion.pdf pdf [635 KB]
1997 Boushelle (to Burgoyne) Request to Amend....pdf pdf [143 KB]
1996 Huntington. MDMA (to USFWS) Biological Assessment.pdf pdf [216 KB]
1995 MDMA. Amendment to the Cooperative Agreement MDNR-DMA.pdf pdf [126 KB]
1995 Interagency Agreement MDMA and USFS.pdf pdf [141 KB]
1991 USFWS-MDNR Cooperative Agreement.pdf pdf [268 KB]
1991 MI Audubon-USFS. Challenge Cost-Share Agreement.pdf pdf [215 KB]
1990 Wilkins (to Gritman). Request for Formal Consultation (USFWS-MDMA).pdf pdf [219 KB]
1990 Moriarty.USFWS (to MDMA) Biological Opinon.pdf pdf [330 KB]
1989 Huff (to Huntington). DEIS Recommendations (USFWS-MDMA).pdf pdf [116 KB]
1989 Draft MDNR-USFWS Memo of Understanding.pdf pdf [3.50 MB]
1986 Perez and Huntington. Cooperative Agreement Between MDNR and DMA.pdf pdf [1.47 MB]
1986 MDNR-USFWS. MOU.pdf pdf [1.56 MB]
1982 USFWS-MDNR. Cooperative Agreement.pdf pdf [790 KB]
1979 USFWS-MAS. Cooperative Agreement.pdf pdf [411 KB]
1979 MDNR-MSU. Memo of Understanding (Jack Pine Regen.).pdf pdf [2.70 MB]
1978 MDNR-USFWS. Cooperative Agreement for Managing of Lands to Benefit the KW.pdf pdf [518 KB]
1978 MAS-Huron-Manistee NF Cooperative Agreement.pdf pdf [638 KB]
1975 USFWS-KWRT. Memo of Agreement.pdf pdf [687 KB]
1974 BSFW-MAS. Cooperative Agreement.pdf pdf [1.68 MB]
1973 USFS, National Audubon Society. Memo of Understanding.pdf pdf [603 KB]
1970 Nelfert. Restriction on Land Use Range 30 Complex.pdf pdf [82 KB]
1964 USFS-CMU Cooperative Agreement.pdf pdf [103 KB]
1963 USFS-MI Dept. of Conservation. Memo of Understanding.pdf pdf [1.80 MB]
1962 USFS-Audubon. Draft Cooperative Agreement.pdf pdf [626 KB]