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dates unknown. Various Newspaper Articles.pdf pdf [9.92 MB]
date unknown Walkinshaw. KWs Studies.pdf pdf [5.00 MB]
date unknown Mayfield. Kirtland's Warbler.pdf pdf [944 KB]
2012 Carlson. KW Legacy Project Summary.pdf pdf [212 KB]
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1996 Line. KW Finally Finds Lots of Burned Forest to Call Home (NY Times).pdf pdf [1.56 MB]
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1995 Anon. Welcome Back Warblers (Ranger Rick).pdf pdf [1.20 MB]
1994 Williams. Rare warbler hard to see but gets a lot of attention (DNFP).pdf pdf [389 KB]
1994 Various Newpaper Reports Re KW Tourism.pdf pdf [5.58 MB]
1994 Various Articles Re first festival, land acquisition, cooperation.pdf pdf [7.79 MB]
1994 Babbitt. The Mio Model (Defenders).pdf pdf [2.73 MB]
1994 Anon. Warbler one of first on endangered species list (Houghton Lake Resorter).pdf pdf [375 KB]
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1994 AP. Fans help count KW (LSJ).pdf pdf [411 KB]
1993 Trauger and Bocetti. KWRT Effectively Coord (Endangered Species Tech Bulletin).pdf pdf [3.71 MB]